Fun & Behind the Scenes, Sacramento

Styled Shoot | The Willow Ballroom


We were so honored to be included in this styled shoot at the Willow Ballroom in Hood, CA!  This is a new facility that sits right on the banks of the Sacramento River just south of Sacramento and Clarksburg.  It is an absolutely beautiful and dynamic space, and we cannot wait to return to film an event here.

Take a look at some of the dynamic lighting from 3 Stage Lighting!

Whenever we film a styled shoot, we need to balance the documentation of the shoot itself with the finished stylized theme of the day.  We decided to do a part one and part two of this film, with the first half dedicated to a little behind the scene and the second is the more polished aspect of the day.  With the master plan, we had Gina from Inspirations by Gina who brought everything you see here together.  Many thanks to Christine Glebov Photography for her amazing stills and great collaboration on this project.

We used select images of hers to enhance this film, my personal favorite is the reflection of Das Bus in our model bride’s sunglasses.  Our second favorite image is the ending mosaic you can see at the conclusion of part 2 of the finished film.  Creating huge mosaic’s or video walls is a huge fun project that takes planning and time.  We used just about 100 images from Christine to create that particular ending shot.

As you can see from this photo, it takes a lot to make it look so easy.  Enjoy this stylized shoot film!


Fun fact:   Just behind the facility are plans for a large brewery / restaurant that could allow you to arrive by boat for dinner.  Count me in!

Key players for this Willow Ballroom Styled Shoot include –