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Wedding Contest | Best of the best 2016!

Time to vote for your favorites | Our annual wedding contest!

2016 was simply a fantastic year!  We were delighted to book our limit of 25 weddings and each one has a special place in our hearts.   Every year we give thanks to those who have honored us with their commission of our services.  Since we cannot possibly choose a favorite film, we open that task up to all of you!  We present the most popular films we have released in 2016 and created this contest – now in it’s 6th year!

How does it work?

  1. Below we have our top 10 most popular films of 2016.  Watch them and pick out your favorite video from the bunch!
  2. You can base your choice on any criteria you wish, from your favorite kiss, liking the music, the location, or the fact that YOU might be in the video.
  3. Below the films you will see a ballot, select the button next to the video you prefer.
  4. Leave a note on why you picked this particular film.  Please make it a complete sentence and have your response be at least 10 characters long…no gobbledygook, garbage answers, djsakfjasdlfkjsdf, etc.  We sadly won’t count those.
  5. This contest will end at 9 p.m. PST on Sunday January 8th.
  6. Get friends, family, anybody you want to vote for your favorite!  You can easily send them to this direct website, or have them head to and click on our Blog.
  7. You can vote as many times as you want, but only one vote per computer or device will be allowed per day.

Prizes?  Tell me more!

The film that receives the most votes at the end of this contest will receive a $100 gift certificate to!  Second place will receive a $50 gift card to Target.  Third place receives a $15 Starbucks gift card.

Contest has ended!  Thank you all for voting, winners will be announced soon!

Here is some base covering:

  • Only short films are eligible.
  • Weddings from both 2015 and 2016 are included, provided the film was released in 2016.
  • This list was populated from each wedding’s Vimeo and Youtube’s combined view count, and was created by taking the total views divided by the number of days the film has been online.
  • Only one vote allowed per day per IP address.
  • Please no garbage or one word answers when filling out the survey.

Best of luck to all entries!