Short Film, Wine Country

A Wedding Film at Meritage Napa Valley

Wine.  Wedding.  Weekend.  Weather.  Napa.  Spa.  Perfection!

What could be better than a weekend wedding in Napa Valley?  We were so honored to be commissioned by Sarah & James to create a film celebrating their wedding at the Meritage Napa Resort and Spa!

meritage napa wedding video

One of the things we love using is the natural lighting surrounding the well known “golden hour” of the day!  It widely depends on a number of factors when that time will actually take place, but typically the hour before the sun drops below the horizon is the best for imagery such as the one above.  A great app I use is called Sun Seeker, probably one of the best app’s I’ve ever purchased.  (There is also a free version)  It not only shows me what time the sun will rise and set, but it will show me the path of the sun throughout the day…a great way to plan where to put our couple for the best creative effect!

meritage napa wedding video

We always advocate for lighting!  Uplighting, patterns/gobo’s, dance floor lighting, and pin lights (for things such as a cake table) add such an incredible feel and emotion to any space.   We can see one such example from Mr. Dj Event Services who put these creative and stunning vine patters on the wine cave of the Meritage Napa’s reception location.

Enjoy their short film!


Fun fact:   Did you recognize the opening toast that starts the story of Sarah & James?  It is from Dead Poets Society’s John Keating.

Key Players for this Meritage Napa Wedding include –

All images on this post are pulled directly from our footage.