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A Downtown Sacramento Vizcaya Wedding

We love working in Midtown Sacramento, and going to a Vizcaya wedding always has an intimate charm about it.  From the perhaps 15 times we have worked at this location, each time we are welcomed with a slightly different configuration and many couples have transformed the space into their own theme and vibe.

As of the date of this posting, happy one year anniversary to you both by the way!

vizcaya wedding

There were a few unique elements to this wedding.  First we had our only Monday wedding in 2015.  Second we had our longest first dance ever (More on this later!)  Third we had tables named after planets in the Star Wars universe, and lastly we had our best groom dancer of all time.  Yes, their head table was the Death Star!  (Our love will destroy you)

Monday weddings are actually getting more popular, especially for holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Listening to the father of the groom speech (which is at the start of Cyrstal & Tyler’s short film above,) it turns out their first date happen to be on September 14th, and thus we have our wedding date.

vizcaya wedding

Crystal & Tyler’s first dance was an elaborately choreographed.  They had six different song edits and each one told a different part of their courtship.  They performed beautifully, I still think of this couple and this wedding whenever I hear “Shut Up and Dance With Me!”

Tyler is one heck of a dancer.  His credits are lengthy but you may have seen him in the past as one of the dancers with the Sacramento Kings basketball team.

Enjoy their short film, and happy anniversary to Crystal & Tyler!

Fun fact:   There was an incredibly short time frame for learning the first dance routine, I believe Tyler mentioned starting just a few weeks before the wedding to get it all down!

Key players for this Vizcaya wedding include –