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Cancun Mexico Destination Wedding Video!


We have been anticipating the release of this short film the moment we returned from Mexico, and we are proud to present Sara & Daylon’s short film!  This Cancun Mexico destination wedding video is a culmination of three years of their relationship, and cosmically they got married three years to the day of their first vacation, and first visit to this property.

“Elopement Plus”

During our pre-wedding consultation, we chatted about all the different aspects of the day, and it was going to have a lot of familiar elements – and some things we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing ever before!  While we had a beautiful beach side ceremony, bride and groom preparations in the hotel, first and parents dancing, and a dance party to finish off the evening – there were some twists that added an extra level of spice.  For starters, their first look took place a few minutes before the ceremony and they elected to read each other their vows immediately and in private, a really special and unique idea that we’ve never encountered.  Secondly, after a brief lunch they had commissioned a catamaran to whisk everybody off to the island of Isla Mujeres.  This came complete with ample room to dance, enjoy libations, have dinner, and just relax.

Lets play “spot the gorgeous wedding dress!”

“Just relax”

Capturing the who what where and why is key to each one of our films, and I felt the best people to perform the roll of storyteller were our bride and groom themselves.  We sat down a day before the wedding and we just chatted about how they were feeling, what they were doing, and how they were preparing for the wedding ahead.  Using these sound bites, we were able to craft a comprehensive film that gives them a great retrospective into the wedding weekend, and also show those people who couldn’t be there a wonderful demonstration of their celebration.   We wanted to reinforce this concept through the type and style of shooting, editing, music selection, and coloring (color grading) of the finished piece.  We wanted to use colors that highlighted the natural location – our primary inspiration was the sun and ocean – with a primary color set of blue, turquoise, amber, orange, and red.  We wanted to make sure we could hear as many real sounds as they occurred throughout the day, from the girls delight to seeing our bride as she came down the stairs for the first time, the dancing at the end of the night, to the sounds of the ocean and birds that only seem to come out in the morning.

Musically we focuses on the gathering of friends, family, food, and fun.   A beautiful acoustic guitar song called “Here We Go Again” was used for the getting ready / preparations portion of the film because I wanted to develop the theme of returning to this exact same location three years ago on their first vacation together.   The song “When We Get Together” with a relaxed and carefree vibe was used for the boat and island portions, a perfect fit that couldn’t have been more perfect for the moments we captured.  “Cake by the Ocean” I felt was the exact right tempo, vibe, and message (could one interpret that to be wedding cake by the ocean?) for the ending of the film – and designed to leave the viewer with a smile on their face.

Paradise from above

Our drone was in full effect for this wedding!  All the beautiful shots of the boat and the snorkelers as well as the shots of Isla Mujeres were done from the comfort of the deck of our catamaran.  Vast expanses of ocean and beach just begs use of this particular tool in our bag.  Once we set anchor to start the snorkeling, it was time to fly!

Our last first for this wedding was their first dance.  Never have I had the pleasure of filming any sort of dancing on a boat – especially one in motion as the sun sets over the Yucatan Penninsula. The lighting was perhaps the most perfect gold and orange tint I have ever seen, and I felt privileged to be able to experience this moment just once.

Enjoy their short film!


Fun fact:   Steve from Function 45 Event Entertainment couldn’t personally attend, so he pre-mixed their first and parents dances, even including announcements and introductions.  He even included a few little surprises for the guests and parents – an amazingly personal aspect that added a nice touch to a perfect day!

Key players for this same day edit wedding include:

photo • Chris Howard Imagery
floral • Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design
dress • La Soie Bridal
beauty• Maple + Moss
video • Phillip Alan Films
venue • Villa del Palmar Cancun
paperie • @sarahdandelioncray
entertainment • Function 45
adventure •  Samba Catamaranes