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Carmel Valley Holman Ranch Wedding Film

A Holman Ranch wedding is always a special treat!  We’ve always had a love affair with Carmel and Monterey,  but it was only somewhat recently in the past few years did we discover the wonder that is Carmel Valley.  Tucked up a few miles from the fog and ocean of Carmel and Monterey Bay, is a Italian style valley complete with vineyards and hiking and lovely artisanal experiences.  Hidden in the mountains of the valley is the beautiful Holman Ranch, complete with vineyard, wine caves, horse stables, olive grove, and event space.

holman ranch wedding 04

We have filmed here a few times, and we always are trying new and interesting perspectives to capture the splendor of the ceremony site’s incredible view.  Here we have mounted a camera to one of our poles to create a high angle view that really shows just how high up in Carmel Valley we are.

holman ranch wedding 03

Wedding games are an absolutely perfect way to engage (pun intended!) your guests during the cocktail and/or reception aspect of the party.  Here we have a custom built corn hole table with engraved wedding details as well as customized bean bags (I believe this is the first time we’ve seen this!)  In addition, Lauren & Matt had a giant sized Jenga set that was popular the entire reception.

holman ranch wedding 02

Holman Ranch keeps surprising us with its different options and layouts!  Here is the dance floor which is inside a beautiful barn on the north side of the event space.  The built in lights add an incredible ambiance, and of course when you add in dynamic lighting from Joe at SJ’s Disc Jockey it creates a comprehensive celebratory vibe that we love!

holman ranch wedding 01

One of the huge perks with having a Holman Ranch wedding are their guests room.  With several rooms on the property, many guests get to enjoy and celebrate far into the night!  I wonder what my wife and I would have done if we had known of this location when we got married….maybe a vow renewal is in our future…stay tuned!

Enjoy their short film!


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