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An Intimate Santa Cruz Elopement

A destination Santa Cruz elopement among the giant redwoods!

I love Dan & Libby!  It happens to be a real shame that they do not live here in California.  In fact, this happened to be their first time coming to Northern California at all!  Both of them hailing Chicago, this discovery was something I really wanted represented in their short film above.  The questions we ask as filmmakers such as the who, what, where, why, added a new dimension for our bride and groom.   When creating the narrative of this piece, I started by asking them both “Where are we?” and that line of questioning became the storyteller for this film.

santa cruz elopement

A huge should out to all our vendors, since we worked together so closely AND we also happen to outnumbered our couple.  This whole affair was planned by the talented Tan Weddings & Events, who among so many different things, offer a variety of elopement packages – you can take a look here!   Looking at the the beautiful drawing above, this was created by Rick Tan with chalk and it is a one of a kind creation.  Our photographer Megan was also amazing to work with, we walked the circuit that is Henry Cowell State Redwoods and kept finding new locations and trying out different riffs with our very eager and excited couple.

libby 01

The tree house where they both got ready (yes, they were both there…some clever camera positioning created the feeling of space!) was incredibly charming.  Tucked away in the hills above Watsonville and Corralitos, this studio rental is the absolutely perfect getaway for the weekend – it even comes with a hot tub.  We did the cake cutting and champagne pour on the rope bridge connecting the hill to the house.

santa cruz elopement

I feel I have to talk about this absolutely adorable naked cake that they had for their cake cutting…iphone for scale.  Thanks to Batter Up Cakery for an elegant and representative cake for this wedding!

Enjoy their short film!


Fun fact:   The tree house where they stayed and got ready for the wedding is one the most rented properties in California for Airbnb!

Key players for this Santa Cruz Elopement include –

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