Aerial Wedding Video

We love new perspectives and new ideas!

After over 15 years in business we constantly strive to refine and perfect our craft, and we are so pleased to present something that adds the icing on the cake of your wedding experience.  Unmanned aerial vehicle filmmaking, also known at UAV or drone filmmaking is an advanced and compelling tool available for you and your finished wedding film.   Aerial wedding video is the next step in creative filmmaking, and you will enjoy these new and exciting ways to get dynamic content!

This amazing feature provides an entirely new angle on filmmaking, a great way to establish your location and surrounding environment.  The perspectives are unique and you are able to capture new angles not yet experienced at weddings.  Not every image needs to be in motion either, we can show the expansive property where your ceremony or reception are taking place and you can see the entire day in one shot from above.

The cameras on board deliver an incredible 4k image that provides flexibility in creating and framing a shot for the final edit.

Rules and regulations:

We must follow certain guidelines to keep you and us safe and within the rules of the current laws.

  • Our pilots are certified by the FAA to fly.

We follow the rules and regulations set forth by the FAA in regards to commercial unmanned aerial vehicles.  In order to do this we need to pass an aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA approved testing center and undergo a TSA screening.  The FAA then issues our pilots a Remote Pilot Certificate.  In order to legally film commercially, which is for any sort of money or financial gain, this must happen.

  • We never fly over people.

It is not allowed as part of the FAA guidelines for remote pilot certification. Exemptions apply for members of the filming or production crew or with a waiver.

  • Aerial shots are not used during intimate moments.

While drone technology has gotten smaller and less obtrusive, they still create noise.  The best way to describe it is a slight buzzing noise a few hundred feet in the air.  We would never dream of drawing attention away from any major event on the ground.  We never flying during a ceremony or first look/reveal, or any other intimate moment.  If something were able to be documented from significant distance from the subject, think flying half a mile away during open dancing, it would be possibly on a case by case basis.

  • We always receive permission from the location prior to flight.

Every venue has rules and regulations about their respective location and we need to ensure we are allowed to fly on private property.

  • It needs to be safe to fly.

We are at the mercy of the elements!  High winds, fog, rain, snow, or other weather related phenomenon can make flying either unsafe or downright impossible.  Safety is always first and the ability to fly is determined before each flight.

  • Insurance is used every day of flight.

We purchase specific drone insurance for every time frame we fly.  When we are ready to use the aerial camera, insurance is purchased with an app that determines our location, time of day, and current conditions.  Not all locations are created equal and we ensure we have the proper coverage for our needs.

Enjoy our aerial sizzle reel above and please reach out if you have any questions or comments about how we can use an aerial camera at your event!